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What kind of lasers does Laser Remedy use?

Laser Remedy has three types of FDA-cleared Laser’s manufactured by Candela Syneron. Our Lasers are the leading technology in the industry. Candela Lasers can accommodate all skin types for both men and women. Dark skin types require the specific GentleYAG laser to be safe and effective. For lighter skin types Laser Remedy uses the GentleLase Pro. We also carry the most efficient machine in the industry, the GentleMax Pro which is designed to handle all skin types. Our machines are routinely serviced by Candela in accordance with FDA requirements, providing you with the safest treatments possible.

Who Performs laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal treatments are performed by Laser Remedy’s certified technicians and medical aestheticians. Each practitioner has extensive training in laser modalities and medical aesthetics. Additionally, Laser Remedy’s MD serves as the medical director and oversees all treatments and practices of our team.

Is there more information on Laser Remedy?

Laser Remedy opened its first location in January 2012 and quickly became the innovators in laser hair removal within Philadelphia. We are committed to providing the best practices for laser hair removal and other medical aesthetic services. We believe in the accessibility of laser hair removal for everybody and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. For more information check out our about us section. 

What skin tone can be treated with laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can be performed on any skin color and hair type. We have three different types of Laser’s to accommodate all skin tones. The light emitted from the laser is attracted to the dark pigment in the hair follicle. This means that dark hair is treated and destroyed most effectively. Treatments performed on red, blonde, and gray hair are much more difficult to destroy. Our three FDA approved Laser’s at Laser Remedy, allows us to safely and effectively treat all skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Prices per package start at $99 unlimited for the year. Laser hair removal requires a minimum of 1 package of treatments to acquire hair reduction. Each treatment removes a percentage of hair in active hair growth stage, until the skin becomes smooth and hair free. Laser Remedy prices treatment packages in a series of six sessions for body areas and packages unlimited for 1 year for facial areas. Packages are priced per each individual body and face area. Laser Remedy offers the most cost effective services utilizing Candela Syneron Lasers within the tristate area. Check out our services page for pricing or call for special offers.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Most people find laser hair removal to be less painful than waxing. It has been compared it to a rubber band snapping against the skin.  Individuals have varying levels of sensitivity and pain tolerance, however the more sessions you receive the less painful it becomes. Our lasers, use the highest level of technology to provide the best results as well as a cryogen cooling agent to lower the temperature on the surface of the skin.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal is permanent solution to unwanted facial and body hair. However, is not as effective on fine, thin, red, blonde or grey hair. A required of multiple sessions is necessary for every face and body part and varies depends on location of the body. After a package is complete, it’s not uncommon for patients to require maintenance treatments. The laser targets and destroys your current hair follicles, but new follicles can develop due to hormonal changes, individual medical factors, body chemistry, supplements or life style changes.

How many sessions of laser hair removal is needed to see results?

Laser Remedy provides a package of treatments for all body and facial areas and treats in a series of 8-12 weeks for body parts and 4-6 weeks for facial areas. Hair follicles grow in a cycle of active hair growth to dormant hair growth at a different rate all throughout the body. For this reason, we sell packages of 6 treatments for body parts and packages unlimited for 1 year for facial areas. On average, clients need at least 1 package if not more for ideal results. Most patients require multiple packages to become hair free. Skin tone, hair type and other individual factors result in the number of sessions individuals need to see their desired hair removal percentage.

Is it accustomed to provide gratuity? 

Laser Remedy is in the service industry. Our highly certified technicians work hard to provide customized services for all our patients. Our team greatly appreciates gratuity. Gratuity is at client’s discretion.

What other services does laser remedy offer?

Laser Remedy provides a number of Laser services using Candela Syneron Lasers. Our Lasers can effectively and safely provide laser hair removal, spider vein removal, and sun spot removal. Our certified technicians go through extensive training provided and instructed by our partner, Candela. Our medical aestheticians provide chemicals and microdermabrasion to multiple parts of the body and face. Laser Remedy’s Medical director administers Botox.

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